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Measuring tools


The Anthropometric Armamentarium serves for the measurement of human body. It consists of the following parts: anthropometer, weighing scales, cephalometer, pelvimeter, slide calliper, tape measure, and callipers. Said instruments are precision, standardised gauges. The Anthropometric Armamentarium made by TRYSTOM spol. s r. o. is distinguished by very good ergonomic features and high-quality workmanship, ensuring precision measurements of somatic parameters and long durability of the individual gauges.


This handbook introduces anthropometric equipment developed or modified by TRYSTOM specialists and anthropologists from the Department of Specialised Subjects and Practical Skills, Faculty of Health Sciences, Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic. The handbook also defines selected anthropometric landmarks and provides a brief methodology for the measurement of selected body dimensions and skinfolds

Anthropometric measuring tools manufactured by TRYSTOM have very good ergonomics and firstrate production quality which ensures accurate measurements of body parameters and a long service life of individual tools.