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Anthropometry kit

 Anthropometry kit
 Anthropometry kit
 Anthropometry kit

Characteristics of the instrument

The shape and functioning of the kit are designed for safe storage and transportation of anthropometric measuring tools. The upper layer is made of waterproof fabric that is highly resistant to mechanical damage and requires minimal maintenance. The side walls are reinforced to ensure shape retention and impact resistance in the event of a fall, keeping the measuring tools safe from damage. The soft padded interior is divided into compartments that contain elastic bands to securely hold the instruments in place.

List of instruments and equipment that the kit is designed for

  1. A-226 anthropometer
  2. K-211 spreading caliper
  3. P-216 pelvimeter
  4. T-520 modified thoracometer
  5. V-372 small height rod
  6. M- 222 sliding caliper
  7. BEST II K-501 caliper
  8. Soft metric tape
  9. Writing pad and data sheet (notepad) pocket
  10. Pen pocket
  11. Disinfectant pocket
  12. Pocket for the "Instructions for Use of Anthropometry Measurement Tools"
  13. Spare pocket

Technical data of the instrument