Landmarks of the head

Antropometrické body na hlavě

  1. Glabella (g)

    the point above the nasal root at the bottom part of the forehead, foremost on the median plane between the eyebrows.

  2. Euryon (eu)

    the most laterally positioned point on the side of the head.<

    br /> Determined when measuring the maximal width of the head. It is the most prominent lateral point of the parietal or temporal bones.
  3. Opisthocranion (op)

    the point situated in the occipital part of the head on the median plane, most distant from the glabella.

  4. Nasion (n)

    the point on the median plane at the nasal bridge in the area of the frontonasal suture, on the superior edge of the nasal bones. This point therefore does not always lie at the most depressed point of the nasal root.

  5. Zygion (zy)

    the most lateral point on the zygomatic arch. Determined when measuring the maximal width of the face.

  6. Gnathion (gn)

    the most inferior median plane point at the bottom on the mandible. Palpated from below.

  7. Gonion (go)

    the lowest and most lateral point of the mandible angle.